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Mitchell Stillwell

Mitchell Stilwell is a competitive shooter and a raving fan of Eagle Tears USA Products

Michael E. Stilwell is a graduate of Brigham University of Provo, Utah and has 11 years of experience as a firearm trainer. Stilwell has been licensed in the state of Utah as a Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor for 19 years. In addition to these, he is also the founder and owner of Range Masters of Utah, an indoor 16 point shooting range and retail store.

Among some of his accomplishments is his development of a full curriculum of firearms and related use of force courses for law enforcement, military, federal and responsible citizens. In addition to holding his Utah Department of Public Safety Concealed Firearm Instructor certification since 1997 Stilwell also holds certification in the following fields: Interactive Use of Force Instructor, Lasermax Laser Sight Instructor, Action Target Instructor, Simunition Ltd., and many others.

Mr. Stilwell is a competitive shooter and can be spotted using his Eagle Tears USA products while shooting at the NRA Bianchi Cup and monthly IDPA/IPSC/GSSF shoots including 3-Gun disciplines.


Rockin' Shots - 4-H National Shooting Team

Rockin Shots is a competitive shooting team in Harrisonburg VA sponsored by Eagle Tears USA


The Rockingham County 4-H Shooting Sports Team, Rockin’ Shots, has had another very successful year! At the Virginia State Championship competition, Spring Air, our members shot personal bests, and won. As a result of their placing at the state level, the Rockin’ Shots team will be representing Rockingham County as one of the top teams from Virginia at the 52nd Annual Daisy National Championship! This national level match will be held June 29th – July 3rd in Rogers, Arkansas.

Team members shoot in four positions at paper targets that are five meters away. They are then scored on the Orion Scoring System. Members shoot with Daisy’s Model 499 Champion, known as the most accurate BB gun in the world. Members are also required to take a 50-question shooting safety test that is included in their overall score. All team members have completed a 10-lesson curriculum, have received extensive training under the NRA rules, and will continue to practice and study between now and the competition in July.