Eagle Tears Reviews and Testimonials

"*****" Capt. Don Bartlett, USMC Retired, Distinguished w / Rifle & Pistol: Rifle Case Lube: September 11, 2022

I was extremely lucky several years ago to receive this Rifle Case lube for use and testing. Resizing Rifle Cases. That I use in competition shooting.

Having used Case Lube on All Brands for decades, there is nothing equal to Eagle Tears Case Lube.

The ease of sizing die handle when sizing the case is smooth and requires very little effort.

I find after the case sizing there is no spring back in the case sizing.

Plus, Just wipe the Lube off the case with a dry rag. No remaining slick grease feel on case.

No other Case Lube has the quality of Eagle Tears Case Lube.


"*****" Dustin Stephens: No Title: August 23, 2022

I reached out to this awesome company about their products. I had lots of questions and they walked me through all of my concerns and explained everything I needed to know. I use this stuff on the knives I make. I use it on the blades, handles, as well as the leather sheath. It’s great out in the bush in the tube. It creates an impervious barrier against the elements and I wouldn’t use anything else.


"*****" Joe Bradley: KA-BAR Knives: E Pluribus Lube 'Um: August 23, 2022

This is one of the finest items we use to help us make and maintain our knives. Great company run by great people that make products based on their real world experience.


"*****" Joshua from the State & Union Shop: "Truly Great Product"

I have recently tried using the BIO-CLP oil on knife blades after I put a gun blueing finish on them. I am very happy with the product and couldn’t be more pleased with the results of this oil. i would highly recommend using this oil as well as there blade guard paste


2 Oz Bio CLP Reviews:

"*****" Brent Woodall, April 8, 2019

We not only use the Eagle Tears Products on our guns but on rusty tools, it is amazing.

We found gardening tools my wife uses that were left out for months and had rusted to the point of no return. Before buying new tools I tried WD-40 to no avail. Then I thought “Eagle Tears Gun Oil works so well, why not try that?”

The results were amazing and saved us from buying new tools. Great product!


Eagle Tears Gun Solvent Reviews:

"*****" Jessica - Louisiana: No Title

Our go to solvent. We have used this stuff on many things (not just guns). It takes sticker glue off of things quicker than any solvent we have ever used and it smells good. I recently used it to clean up a couple of old Macbooks that were pretty nasty and with very little effort they now look brand new.



Eagle Tears Gun Care Bundle Reviews:

"*****" Hank S, May 21, 2019

The gun oil leaves a sheen on metal parts long after other oils have disappeared.


Eagle Tears Complete Gun Care Bundle Reviews:

"*****" Steven Poulos, April 18, 2019

I am a Police Officer. I like to shoot, but always hated to clean. After using the gun solvent and oil I was amazed how easy it was to clean my firearms. Even my AR-15 was so much easier to clean. The really nice thing, the more you use their products it gets easier and easier to clean. Thanks for such a Great Product!

"*****" Howard Baker, April 14, 2019

I don’t shoot a lot of live ammo but am in western style fast draw with single action, shooting a wax bullet pushed by a 209 shotgun primer. Your product seems to coat the metal to where the powder residue from the primer is much easier to remove and does not collect as much as with some other products I have used. Also by leaving a little extra in barrel the wax build up only takes 4 or 5 passes to clear , previous product I was using took 10 to 13 passes with a 20 gauge nylon brush in a 45 cal barrel.

"*****" Ricky Melton, Aprl 19, 2019

This kit and gun oil product is 2nd to none! I’ve referred many friends here civilian and military!! Check it out and make it slide, no misfires! On another note the owner George VanOrden is a Marine Brother of mine. We served together in the 80’s he is a Retired Chief Warrant Officer best guy you can ever meet. Semper Fi …SIR!

"*****" David Lee, April 9, 2019

I was completely amazed how quickly the solvent cut through the black-powder build up in my rifle barrel and around the percussion nipple. This product makes cleaning my rifle a breeze. The oil seems to clean as well – last time, seven patches and the bore was clean. For extra protection in the barrel between seasons, I take the paste and put on the patch and push in and out of the barrel and it makes the barrel rod and patch glide like silk though the bore. I have been shooting black-powder rifles for over 40 years and there is NO product that cleans and protects my rifles better than ET!