“It rides on the rails like it never has;
smooth as silk.”

–Dave Kyger, Police Officer

I am a 62 year old Police Officer, a Special Agent in Charge, firearms instructor, Sig Armorer, Glock Armorer and lifelong hunter. I have cleaned guns too many times to count using nearly every product out there. I have a Glock 30 in 45 caliber as an off duty weapon. I wear it constantly on our farm cutting firewood, building fences and doing any other job my farm managing wife suggests. My Glock gets rough treatment and has had close to 3000 rounds through it. When George Van Orden gave me a sample of his Eagle Tears Solvent and gun oil to try out I was skeptical. I hadn't cleaned the Glock in a couple of months so I cleaned it with my normal gun cleaning solvents and was satisfied it was clean. I would have passed that gun right then if one of my Agents brought it to me for inspection after a day of range qualification. I waited two days and then cleaned the same gun with Eagle Tears. Immediately I was dumbfounded at the amount of grime that came off the barrel and particularly the ramp area. I was wondering if the solvent was going to strip the bluing off my gun. I wiped it down, ran a brush through the barrel and clean patches brought significant corruption out of my "CLEAN" gun. I put a light coat of Eagle Tears gun oil on a clean rag and wiped the entire gun down until it shines like a new one. It rides on the rails like it never has; smooth as silk. I talked to Van Orden and he suggested I should put some of the gun paste on the rails but at this time it doesn't need it.

Dave Kyger Fulks Run, VA