“Eagle Tears are my cleaning and
maintenance products of choice.”

–Dan Pinnell, Retired MA Police Officer

I've had great results after having used Eagle Tears on both contemporary firearms and copies of those of the mid 19th century requiring the use of black powder. Eagle Tears are my cleaning and maintenance products of choice and provide a rare attribute found in oil/solvent materials. When encamped at Civil War Cavalry living history events, the ability to wash and keep clean is a limited and often impossible endeavor. Many gun solvents and oils warn of skin contact and the cautions of personal exposure. Eagle Tears offers both me and my horse the added benefit of a safe and carcinogen free product that might invariably remain on the skin for prolonged periods. Compromise is not an option for me, my horse, or my firearms.

Dan Pinnell Linville, VA
Retired Maryland Law Enforcement Officer
Member of a Civil War Cavalry Living History and Reenacting Battalion